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PKF Tauranga has come a long way since its original formation back in 1986. From this time, our team and service offering has consistently evolved, ensuring we continue to offer the same level of customer care and service that's become synonymous with our business.

Our Why


At PKF Tauranga, we know that behind the numbers are real people trying their best to make an impact, for their client’s, for their businesses and for their communities. But, we also know owning a business can be challenging. It comes with sleepless nights, highs and lows, and so many questions.

PKF exists to help our clients do better business so they can build better lives. We do this by providing timely, actionable advice built on understanding who our clients are and where they want to go.

Our People


The PKF Tauranga team is full of passionate professionals, working together to underpin our client’s success. Our handpicked staff come from a wide range of commercial backgrounds, with each member bringing their own skills, experience and personality to the business.

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The PKF Network


Through joining PKF's international network in 2021, our clients can now leverage the combined knowledge of 220 financial service companies based in 150 countries worldwide. PKF is the 15th largest financial network globally by revenue.

The size, scale and expertise of PKF's global network ensures PKF Tauranga remains at the forefront of best practice accountancy and legislative changes, enabling us to continue to provide the best service and solutions possible for our clients.

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