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PKF Tauranga News • 2023-05-25

May 2023 News

Stepping Towards Seamless Banking:

Unveiling 7-Day Transaction Processing and its Impacts


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In a significant move to revolutionise the banking sector, New Zealand is taking a monumental step towards eradicating the age-old inconvenience of delayed weekend banking. As of 26 May 2023 transactions will now be processed seven days a week across all participating banks including ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Bank of China, ICBC, Citi, HSBC, Kiwibank, TSB, and Westpac. The Co-Operative Bank and SBS, though not members of Payments NZ, are also transitioning to this shift.

This change is comprehensive, encompassing various types of transactions, including credit card, debit card, automatic payments, bill payments, direct debit, or direct credit transactions. At PKF Tauranga, we understand the profound implications this development will have for our clients and their interactions with banking and financial systems.

Impacts on Inland Revenue Department (IRD) Payments

The introduction of seven-day transaction processing will significantly enhance the timeliness of IRD payments. Delays due to weekends or holidays will no longer impede the execution of tax obligations, potentially reducing late payments and related penalties. This shift promises improved flexibility in cash flow management, enabling taxpayers to control when payments are made. Furthermore, quicker access to tax refunds, regardless of the day of the week, can improve liquidity positions and financial planning.

Impacts on Payroll Processing

Seven-day banking will dramatically transform payroll processing. Businesses will now have the flexibility to execute payroll on any day of the week. This development offers businesses, particularly those with non-traditional schedules, the capacity to make last-minute adjustments. The enhancement in cash flow management and the ability to control the timing of funds leaving business accounts will be a boon. Furthermore, prompt payment to employees, even if payday falls on a weekend or holiday, contributes to employee satisfaction and their personal financial planning.

Impacts on B2B Transactions

The shift to seven-day processing will bring significant enhancements to Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions. Firstly, it will promote improved cash flow management. Businesses can now receive and make payments any day, eliminating weekend or holiday delays, leading to better liquidity management and more accurate financial forecasting.

Secondly, this change will offer enhanced flexibility. Businesses can now plan their transactions according to their specific needs, free from the constraints of the traditional five-day banking week.

Thirdly, operational efficiency will be improved as businesses no longer need to delay crucial transactions due to banking constraints. This can reduce the administrative burden and improve continuity of operations.

Lastly, prompt payments will strengthen business relationships, with businesses able to meet their payment obligations on time, thereby enhancing their reputations as reliable partners.


In Summary

While the advantages of this transition are significant, vigilance is essential to ensure funds are available when payments are due. At PKF Tauranga, our teams stand ready to guide you through this transformative change. With seven-day transaction processing, we believe that banking transactions will become more convenient and efficient, leading to improved financial management on both commercial and personal fronts.

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